Monday, October 15, 2018

The Best Roofing Materials for Nebraska

Choosing The Best Roofing Materials
Nebraska is a state that stretches both in the Great Plains and in the Midwest and it is located on Tornado Alley, in the area most frequently affected by huge storms. The state features two climate areas: a humid continental area in the east and a semi-arid area in the west.
The roofs chosen for Nebraska homes need to be able to withstand the weather conditions of the area and they need to be able to resist the strongest storms as well. Here are some materials that can meet all the requirements:
-        Metal – a great choice for any region in the state, metal roofs are lightweight, but strong, durable and resistant to any weather, even to hail, tornadoes and hurricanes, and the metal roofing contractors Omaha has are the best at installation;
-        Clay tiles – this traditional material also stands strong in nasty weather, in rain and harsh sunshine, in strong winds and hail. Clay tiles need professional installation to be as durable as expected – nailing or otherwise fixing the tile takes knowledge and experience;
-        Asphalt roofs – they are not as durable as metal and clay, but if the shingles are properly fixed and maintained, they make excellent solutions for Kansas roofs. They are also available in impact-resistant varieties that can resist even the largest hail stones.