Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How Tree Trimming Can Help Your Roof and When You Should Consider It

Tree trimming is best done during the spring and autumn, and if you have trees that are close to your roof, then the process should be repeated every year. Failure to do so can result in leaves, branches, pests and other problems plaguing your roof and leading to the need for hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Tree Trimming Time
Your roofing system is designed to be relatively robust. However, nothing lasts forever, and neglect can lead to worse problems than you can imagine. Trees grow all the time, and in the spring, they extend their branches at a surprising speed. With nature being reborn each spring, it’s no surprise if squirrels and birds end up making their way from the tree to your roof, and establishing their “base of operations” there.

In the autumn, tree branches can also grow larger, but the bigger problem is that trees start to shed their leaves, which can end up on your roof and in your gutter system. If they clog up your gutters, and rainwater can no longer flow properly, then once the freeze comes, your roof will be affected by pooling and ice dams.

The solution is simple: trim your tree branches twice every year – once in March and once around the end of September. If you do that, your trees will also be happier, as their branches will grow up stronger and healthier during the following season. If you need roof repair, call on the best http://www.candsroofingomaha.com/roof-repair/.