Monday, September 24, 2018

The Most Important Signs That It’s Finally Time for a Roof Inspection

Roof inspections can lead to a lot of problems if they’re not done on time. Although it’s more correct to say that neglecting the matter is what causes the most challenges. So, even if you already had a roof inspection just a few months ago, should the following signs appear, it’s very important that you either re-inspect the roof yourself, or call your local roofers back for another inspection to assess any potential damage that might have come up:

·       Let’s say a strong thunderstorm just passed, and you heard a large thumping noise coming from the attic in the evening. When you went to investigate, you found nothing wrong, but next day you noticed spots on the wall caused by water that seeped through the walls.
·       Another scenario has to do with strong winds pulling down pieces of shingles and flashing from your roof. The flashing is an even bigger concern, since it has the role to protect your home against rainwater.
·       If you notice that your attic is getting uncommonly warm and stuffy in the summer, and your air  conditioner can’t cope with the change, call your roofers to check if there’s a ventilation problem.

In all of these instances, it is imperative that you call one of the roofing companies Omaha NE has for a complete inspection as soon as possible. While the damage might not be too bad, the potential damage to your home caused by leaks and other possible problems can be extensive in the long run.