Friday, September 28, 2018

Moving to a New Home: Things You Never Knew About Nebraska

Moving To A New Home
When you think about moving to a brand new home, the prospect of finding a new place to live and having a real life adventure with your family is definitely an appealing one. If you decided to move to the beautiful state of Nebraska, however, you might find that the mystery goes together with the adventure and that there are still a lot of things you don’t know about this state.  Note to if purchasing an older home make sure you have a roof repair Omaha inspector take a look at your roof, so you don't have a huge expense right off the bat.

Did you know Nebraska actually had several nicknames throughout the decades? It was initially called "The Great American Desert," but was later christened “The Tree Planter’s State.” The nickname was changed in 1945 to “The Cornhusker State.”

If you’re a history buff, you probably already know that Nebraska made significant contributions to the  war effort during WWII. What you might not know is that the Naval Ammunition Depot in Hastings, Nebraska was the largest ammunition depot in the United States that was dedicated to the cause of the war, providing up to 40% of the entire ammunition that was used in the war.

Finally, if you ever had to dial 911, you might not have known the fact that Nebraska was the first place where the lifesaving system was developed and tested. More precisely, it was first tested in Lincoln, Nebraska, even though Alabama had the honor of being the first state where the system officially went online.