Monday, October 29, 2018

What Parts of The Roof Are the Most Important?

Roofing Components
Roofs are complex structures that are built to resist any weather and to protect the home underneath. All roofing components play their own, very important role – here are the most important components and what they do:
-        The roof covering material – asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal panels, wood shingles and slate are the most common materials used to build the topmost layer of roofs;
-        Flashing – stripes of material installed in areas where two roof slopes meet or around chimneys and vents and they serve the purpose of waterproofing sensitive roof areas;
-        Vents – they serve the ventilation of the attic and they are also there to make sure that no condense can build up underneath the roof;
-        Decking – the layer on which the roof covering rests and which is used to make the roof solid and durable, if this gets damaged, you will to do a roof replacement Omaha roofers can do;
-        Ridge – the topmost, horizontal line of the roof, usually covered with special protective material, such as ridge caps;
-        Drip edge – the moulding at the edge of the roof that is installed to reduce the risks of water damage;
-        The gutters – though not integral part of the roof, the gutter pipes that collect the water running down the roof slopes and direct the water away from the building.