Monday, November 5, 2018

Roofing Maintenance Tasks to Prepare for Winter

Tips For Winter Roofing Maintenance
Roofs are continuously exposed to the elements and they need some care to be able to keep up their performance – here are a few tasks that are essential for making sure your roof will resist the coming winter, however harsh it will be:
-        Cleaning – removing the dirt and the debris carried by the wind and deposited on the roof and on the components adjacent to it is essential for preserving the health of your roof. Accumulated debris can absorb water and damage the roof underneath as well as the gutters, so the most important thing to do before winter is to clean the roof surface as well as the gutter;
-        Inspection – when your gutter and your roof are clean, it is time to check them for damage. Look for displaced shingles, cupping or blistering shingles, missing surface granules, cracked or chipped tiles, corroded gutters, damaged flashing;
-        Repair – if you feel comfortable moving on roofs and climbing high up on ladders, you can try and fix the issues you have found. However, these minor repairs are quite affordable even when they are performed by an expert from C & S Roofing of Omaha, so if you want to make sure your roof is handled professionally, hire a roofer for the entire process.